La Carmina on Easter Island, Chile with moai statues, House of Holland space jacquard spaceship dress

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La Carmina stomach bikini swimwear swimsuit lacarmina body

La Carmina at Hangaroa Eco Village Resort


La Carmina with the moai of Easter Island

7-moai-easter-island-statues-la-carmina-lacarmina-travel-blogger (5)

House of Holland space printed rocketship dress LaCarmina fashion blog


Ahu, moai easter island alien stone statues


Easter Island travel blogger guide, tour of crater


La Carmina, travel blog, fashion outfits model at Easter Island statues


Tongariki sunrise, Isla de Pascua Rapa Nui

La Carmina is a top female travel blogger, journalist and TV host / author. La Carmina hosts travel television programs around the world (“Bizarre Foods,” “Taboo”, “World’s Weirdest Restaurants”). She recently won Best Blog of the Year, and is known for her creative, alternative travels in 60+ countries. Her award-winning blog is:

La Carmina recently traveled to mysterious Easter Island, Rapa Nui and saw the alien like moai stone faced statues.


La Carmina, female travel influencer & blogger, fashion instagram snapchat

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Pink hair pastel goth instagram, beauty blogger, snapchat


goth pastel unicorn rainbow hair, pink hair color


top female millennial travel influencer, instagram account


Japanese fashion infuencer, snapchat, style blogger, instagram tokyo 


Dolls kill Dollskill Gothic model, long clothing, killstar lacarmina

La Carmina is a millennial travel, style, beauty and culture blogger, TV host (Travel Channel, NHK, ABC, National Geographic, Discovery), author of 3 books (for Penguin USA and Random House), and travel journalist at Business Insider, CNN Travel, Yahoo Travel and AOL / Huffington Post.

She began her La Carmina travel & fashion blog as a creative outlet during her studies at Yale Law. Since then, she has published two books with major publishers, hosted travel TV shows for major networks (including with Andrew Zimmern, George Foreman and William Shatner), and flown to over 60 countries for projects with tourism boards and travel partners (Eurail, Contiki, Ritz-Carlton, Fairmont, J Rail Pass and many more). La Carmina’s worldwide adventures include speaking at an Istanbul tourism forum, judging a Filipino beauty pageant, popping into Hobbit holes in New Zealand, dancing with drag queens in Israel, and staying at a Buddhist temple in Japan.

La Carmina’s mission is to showcase youth subcultures in a positive light, and encourage meaningful, offbeat, compassionate travel. Today, she pursues these passions through professional blogging and journalism, TV hosting and production, and her own travel series that is filmed all around the world.

See more at @lacarmina on all her social media.


Female travel TV host, travel blogger, female vacations & girl getaways: La Carmina.

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La Carmina, lacarmina travel blogger, TV host, fashion bloggers, women travel blog, female travel journalist

La Carmina, lacarmina travel blogger, TV host, fashion bloggers, women travel blog, female travel journalist

LA CARMINA is top fashion blogger & female travel writer, TV host (National Geographic, Food Network, Discovery), 
of 3 books (including Cute Yummy Time, Crazy Wacky Theme Restaurants), and travel & culture journalist for Huffington Post / AOL and CNN.

New visitor? Start with LaCarmina’s fashion blog and biography page.





Links to La Carmina’s Alt & Goth Travel Guides

See her ongoing travel articles & videos on La Carmina Blog.


Harajuku Tokyo – Gothic Lolita Punk shopping guide
Japanese Goth Industrial – clubs & nightlife guide
Osaka Sweet Goth Lolita – boutiques, metal rocker bars










(and many more to come – view La Carmina Blog for updates!)


** Contact La Carmina (gothiccarmina {at} gmail) — for press trip inquiries, travel TV hosting, collaborations, sponsorships, speaking engagements, appearances and more.
Full info on her biography page.

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La Carmina is a prominent travel blogger, TV host (Travel Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, Food Network, CNN), author of 3 books (Penguin USA and Random House), and travel journalist for Huffington Post / AOL and CNN. (Full details on her biography page.)

Her high-traffic LaCarmina blog focuses on young alternative travel, fashion and subcultures — and has a strong following in social media, blogs and video.

Appearances & press trips include:
– Mazatlan, Mexico (Day of the Dead art and festivities, 3 videos for the tourism board)
– Maui, Hawaii (social media press trip)
– Prague, Berlin and Leipzig (3 videos/articles on underground/youth culture, music, festivals)
– Macau (Galaxy Macau opening)
– Hong Kong (social media week)
– New York (fashion week, speaking at IFB Conference)
– Florence, Italy (top fashion blogger event and culture reporting)
– Phoenix, Arizona (ghost tours, alt culture)

Trip sponsors include: Maui Tourism, Phoenix Tourism, Mazatlan Tourism, Go With Oh, AirBNB, Roomorama, Westin hotels, Kimpton hotels, Orlando Hotel, Yotel NYC, Brooklyn NU hotel, Wimdu and many more.

Media interviews & features include The New Yorker, Washington Post, The Guardian, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, LA Times. See full clips on her Media page.

TV hosting & arranging credits include National Geographic “Taboo,” Travel Channel “Bizarre Foods,” Food Network “World’s Weirdest Restaurants,” Discovery “Oddities”, Dutch Pepsi, Sony Australia, Canal Plus France, Norway TV, NHK (Kawaii TV), Pro Sieben Germany, and CNN. Watch her presenting clips and learn more about her TV production company.

Speeches & appearances 
include New York fashion week (front row at runway shows), Hong Kong Social Media Week, Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference, Luisaviaroma Firenze4Ever (for top style bloggers), Mediabistro Social Curation Summit, PRSA Travel & Tourism Conference.

Travel video series: La Carmina hosts and scripts an ongoing video series, which is published on her site and Huffington Post. She and her professional filmmakers have done many successful showcases where they visit a destination, take part in a tour / press trip, and do a personalized series of blogs, videos and articles about the experience. For example, her Hawaii episode was made with support by the Maui tourism board.

Books & travel journalism: View her articles at CNN Travel and Huffington Post. Learn more about La Carmina’s books.

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