La Carmina on Easter Island, Chile with moai statues, House of Holland space jacquard spaceship dress

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La Carmina stomach bikini swimwear swimsuit lacarmina body

La Carmina at Hangaroa Eco Village Resort


La Carmina with the moai of Easter Island

7-moai-easter-island-statues-la-carmina-lacarmina-travel-blogger (5)

House of Holland space printed rocketship dress LaCarmina fashion blog


Ahu, moai easter island alien stone statues


Easter Island travel blogger guide, tour of crater


La Carmina, travel blog, fashion outfits model at Easter Island statues


Tongariki sunrise, Isla de Pascua Rapa Nui

La Carmina is a top female travel blogger, journalist and TV host / author. La Carmina hosts travel television programs around the world (“Bizarre Foods,” “Taboo”, “World’s Weirdest Restaurants”). She recently won Best Blog of the Year, and is known for her creative, alternative travels in 60+ countries. Her award-winning blog is:

La Carmina recently traveled to mysterious Easter Island, Rapa Nui and saw the alien like moai stone faced statues.


Goth model, Tokyo fashion blogger journalist La Carmina

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Goth model, Tokyo fashion blogger journalist La Carmina

Japan pop culture author, travel journalist La Carmina (

– High-traffic daily blog:
– Huff Post page –
– Wikipedia:
– Press clippings:

La Carmina, fashion blogger & Goth Tokyo stylist, TV host. LaCarmina modeling hair colors.

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For more photos, visit the official Facebook page of Japan Gothic Kawaii fashion blogger + travel TV host La Carmina

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♥ View LaCarmina blog for video clips, outfit posts, Jpop makeup:

La Carmina travel fashion blogger lacarmina on Easter island

La Carmina’s award winning blog – – shares her stories of alternative travel and culture to a worldwide audience. In addition, La Carmina is a journalist (CNN, Huff Post, Business Insider, Sunday Times), author of 3 books (published by Penguin and Random House), and hosts TV shows for Discovery, Food Network, National Geographic, Travel Channel and more.


La Carmina’s popular young, alt fashion and travel blog – – has a large, passionate online following. She is flown worldwide for TV gigs and appearances, including Social Media Week and sitting front row at NY Fashion Week.


In addition, La Carmina is a CNN, AOL and Huffington Post journalist, author of 3 books about pop culture (with major publishers), and hosts TV shows for NHK Kawaii TV, National Geographic, Discovery, Food Network, Travel Channel and more (as well as own series on Huff Post / AOL). She also runs a Tokyo TV fixing, producing and coordination business – — which recently got attention for their Bagelheads forehead inflation segment on National Geographic Taboo.

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