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La Carmina Japanese makeup, multicolor hairstyle

This WordPress no longer active, oh my!

For the most up to date news and stories from La Carmina, visit her main blog –

Women travel bloggers, female travel blog

La Carmina’s current focus is on travel stories worldwide about alternative art, culture, food, fashion and lifestyles. She also works as a travel TV host and journalist, for major networks and TV series. See her recent biography here.

Add her social networks (all @lacarmina) for daily updates! Below are links to her favorite resources.

Goth model, Tokyo fashion blogger journalist La Carmina

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Goth model, Tokyo fashion blogger journalist La Carmina

Japan pop culture author, travel journalist La Carmina (

– High-traffic daily blog:
– Huff Post page –
– Wikipedia:
– Press clippings:

Tokyo Goth Lolita dresses for sale, buy Jrock Gothic alternative fashion clothing online, EGL sales

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Fashion blogger La Carmina’s having a garage sale – selling items from her extensive designer fashion wardrobe! Lots of Jrock, Gothic Lolita, Tokyo clothing – barely worn, top brands.



LaCarmina is selling Asia designer dresses, accessories & more…  Emily Temple, h.NAOTO, Sourpuss, Bettie Page, Lip Service & more. Here’s the link, please share!

We accept PayPal and ship internationally. We’ll give discounts if your purchase several items.

La Carmina, blogger

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La Carmina travel blogger, female travel blog, tv host



La Carmina ( is a prominent travel and culture blogger, TV host (National Geographic, Discovery Channel), journalist (Huffington Post, AOL, CNN), coolhunter, and author of 3 books — including Cute Yummy Time and Crazy, Wacky Theme Restaurants: Tokyo.

See her TV reel:

For more, please visit:

La Carmina photos: Tokyo gyaru fashion and makeup

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La Carminaは東京のサブカルチャーやファッションの専門家ジャーナリスト。海外で人気の原宿ファションブログ(や日本旅行ガイドブック3冊の作家。CNN、Huffington Post のジャーナリストでNHKの東京カワイイTV、CNNテレビ、フランスのCanal Plus、Travel Channel, ナショナルジ・オグラフィック等での日本取材の準備や司会。TV clips:
“Cute Yummy Time” – Penguin USA (お弁当の作り方)
“Crazy, Wacky Theme Restaurants: Tokyo” – Random House (東京のレストランガイドブック)


La Carmina on Oddities TV show, Season 4

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La Carmina on Oddities TV show, Season 4

La Carmina made a guest appearance on Discovery & Science Channel’s Oddities TV show.

La Carmina, fashion blogger & Goth Tokyo stylist, TV host. LaCarmina modeling hair colors.

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For more photos, visit the official Facebook page of Japan Gothic Kawaii fashion blogger + travel TV host La Carmina

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♥ View LaCarmina blog for video clips, outfit posts, Jpop makeup:

La Carmina travel fashion blogger lacarmina on Easter island

La Carmina’s award winning blog – – shares her stories of alternative travel and culture to a worldwide audience. In addition, La Carmina is a journalist (CNN, Huff Post, Business Insider, Sunday Times), author of 3 books (published by Penguin and Random House), and hosts TV shows for Discovery, Food Network, National Geographic, Travel Channel and more.


La Carmina’s popular young, alt fashion and travel blog – – has a large, passionate online following. She is flown worldwide for TV gigs and appearances, including Social Media Week and sitting front row at NY Fashion Week.


In addition, La Carmina is a CNN, AOL and Huffington Post journalist, author of 3 books about pop culture (with major publishers), and hosts TV shows for NHK Kawaii TV, National Geographic, Discovery, Food Network, Travel Channel and more (as well as own series on Huff Post / AOL). She also runs a Tokyo TV fixing, producing and coordination business – — which recently got attention for their Bagelheads forehead inflation segment on National Geographic Taboo.

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