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ANDREW ZIMMERN BIZARRE FOODS: NEW EPISODES SNEAK PEEK! TRAVEL CHANNEL FOOD HOST IN TOKYO, TV SHOW PREMIERES APRIL 26. extended sneak peek of the new season of Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern, premiering Monday, April 26 at 10 E/P on Travel Channel. gross  strange  weird  meals  travel

Travel Channel has posted a “teaser reel” for the new season of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. And look who’s in it for a second: La Carmina and Mistress Maya! We’re locked in a cell at the horror-jail theme restaurant Alcatraz ER. The wonderfully intrepid Zimmern drinks red slush from the mannequin’s head and exclaims… “That’s good!”

Don’t blink or you’ll miss our appearance at 0:05 in the video above and on YouTube. Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern premieres Monday, April 26 at 10 E/P on Travel Channel. I believe the Tokyo episode will the fourth in the series — will keep you updated! For more photos and stories of the Tokyo TV shoot, please check out this blog post and my book, Crazy Wacky Theme Restaurants: Tokyo.

I also filmed a cute food demo (above and here) at Penguin Books’ headquarters in NYC. It was great fun to work with the creative team, who built a backdrop using photos from my book. If you’re hungry for adorably-decorated recipes inspired by the Japanese bento decoration trend, please consider my cookbook Cute Yummy Time.

Finally, Death Ray Weekly interviewed me. My personal opinion of Mana-Sama? “Inspiring, enigmatic… DIX love!”

To see all recent press (The New Yorker, Washington Post, WWD,
Village Voice, Time Out New York, LA Times), click here. Media and interview requests can be sent to La Carmina at this email.


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  3. Cute pictures. Thanks for the info!

  4. Ha ha, the toaster is so cute! i would like buy one for my daughter!!

  5. Hi!!! love your blogs… thinking about cute meals, while I was spending time on web i found this site:
    you have to see it, it’s so crazy and gorgeous… black greets and have fun!!!!

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