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Name: Amy Richardson

URL: http://prettyprettyyumyum.wordpress.com

How were you introduced to the art of “cute cooking”?

I lived in Japan for 18 months on a working holiday and was amazed by all the kawaii food on offer, bread rolls shaped like teddy-bears, Hello Kitty cookie cutters, Spongebob Squarepants bentos and so on.

Where did you find this creation? Those bread rolls were from a bakery in Umeda, Osaka. They only cost about $2 each.

How did it taste? I didn’t want to eat them because they were so adorable, but they tasted yummy and very sweet!

Any other comments or tips? Visit Japan if you want to see the cutest food! The food levels of department stores have displays of macarons, cakes and tarts that are more impressive than in Paris. Most bakeries make animal-themed pastries as well.

– My cookbook, Cute Yummy Time, is now available for pre-order – coming out in October 09! Check it out!
– To submit photos of cute food you found or made, click here.


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  1. *drool* I want that! I really really want to make that but I have no idea how I would. Was it the melon pan? I couldn’t think of any other way to get the shiny dark brown contrasting with the light matte brown unless it was two different dough types. But then, I’m a novice baker.

    You know, I looked it up, and it is really hard to find a recipe for cute animal bread anywhere on the web. At least, it is when you search in english. Maybe if I spoke Japanese… I want to make bread like Azuma Kazuma’s turtle pan.

  2. Hi,I’m japanese living in tokyo~!
    I’m glad that you liked japanese kawaii foods!XD Thank you!
    hahaha, it was so funny that you hesitated to eat those cute foods because of the cuteness!lol (to me, they are so normal.;P)

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