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My screen name is Mook. I’m the author of the French 1st bento blogs FrenchBento

The url of the Totoro bento is:

I’ve been posting on Flickr bento groups for 3 years, and I opened my blog 2 years ago when I realised there was absolutely nothing on bento in French. I came accross bento and cute cooking while researching on how to make sushi. I’d been packing my lunches for like, ever, so I was seduced immediately.

This Totoro bento was actually a surprise for a bento-friend. I dont usually do charaben, but this friend is a Totoro freak, and with other French bento addicts we decided to post a Totoro-themed bento on our blogs on the same day, for him. I had lots of fun doing this and making this bento.

It contains:
-on the bottom, shredded iceberg lettuce (to make the bento less hearty, I’m not a big eater)
-iceberg lettuce leaves. They’re perpect because of their large leaves)
-blanched brocoli for trees
-chibi totoro is a hard-boied quail egg, eyes of cheese and nori
-totoro is made of sushi rice mixed with black sesame paste, regular white cheese (cant remember now what kind) and nori
-ground is made of smoked salmon

Come hither to preorder La Carmina’s cookbook, Cute Yummy Time: 70 recipes for the cutest food you’ll ever eat (Perigee/Penguin, October 09).

– To submit photos of cute food you found or made, click here.



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  1. This is so awesome. I was just about to ask you, either on FB or on Twitter if you had seen or done any Totoro food. I just did a random search and here you are! First link in google! Woot.

    I really love the book. I’m going to try and do something for new years. Maybe something for the Chinese new year. — It soon will be the year of the Tiger! :D I was thinking of changing the piggy in the book to a tiger. (Maybe I could make one to look like Basil!) Those would be good take to a party snacks.

    Do you have any ideas for a new years party?


  2. woww very nice :)

  3. beautiful recipe photos… thank you and yumy =)

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