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hello kitty bento, cute sanrio character lunch japan

† Name: Jana
† URL:
† How were you introduced to the art of “cute cooking”? 
I googled to look for ideas for my kid’s lunch box who started going to pre school last September. Then I found out about the bento thing and I got addicted since then. Didn’t know before that food can look so cute!! Now I get to use the artistic side in me and do something more creative than changing diapers an running around after the kids all day without feeling guilty because it’s for them!!
In general I’m inspired by all the awesome bento makers on flickr which i’ve learned from them a lot! I also watch a lot of cute toddler/baby tv shows and I read a lot of toddler/baby story books to my kids, that inspire me too!

bread bears, cute muffins japanese food
† What inspired your cute creation? How did you make the bread bears? 
I was trying to make and edible version of a wrist rest that I’ve seen on flickr which looked like a bear made of bread! It doesn’t look the same but I was happy with the results!


Use any bread recipe you like, stuff the dough with some turkey and cheese or anything you like and shape it like a ball and put it in a small cupcakes cup. Make two small balls for the ears and try to stick them by pressing with your fingers and try to tuck them under the head of the bear and bake it. Finally use straws and cookie cutter to cut a slice cheese for the face and and olives for the mouth and eyes. Put the cheese and olives on the face when its hot right after you take it out of the oven. 

cute piggy bentos, japanese character lunch

† What inspired your cute creation? How did you make the piggy bento? 
I just think that pigs are so cute and I love making piggy bentos! I’ve made before pancakes pigs, onigiri pigs and pig sandwiches.


The pig is easy to make the only problem is that they don’t always turn out well. Using any pizza dough recipe make a ball using your hands you can stuff it with cheese or anything you like. Cut a thin slice of hot dog for the nose make 2 holes using a straw, try to stick the nose to the dough. For ears cut a slice of hot dog then cut the slice into two halfs try to tick it as ears using water. For the eyes I used black olives using a straw to cut them. When you finish brush the dough with egg yolk and bake them! The tricky part is that most of the time the ears and nose don’t stay in place, they fall off. You need to open the oven and press them in. Or maybe if you stick them really nice that won’t happen. Next time I make these I will try to use a raw spaghetti as a pin to stick the ears and nose!

pig bento

For more cute bentos, visit Jana’s Flickr! 

To submit photos of cute food you found or made, click here. 


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  1. This really helped me with some easier ideas thanks!

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