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† Name: jojoebi
† URL:
† How were you introduced to the art of “cute cooking”? 
My mom always did use themed birthday parties so I just carried on the tradition with my son. I also believe that kids should eat ‘real’ food not junk and crap and just because something is healthy it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, it takes very little time to put together a cute sandwich etc. Since living in Japan I have also become addicted to the cute bento boxes and have a whole draw dedicated to cutters and cute things to go into a bento box!
† What inspired your cute creation?
We were having safari themed party.
† How did you make it? 
Bread rolls sliced in two. For the elephants I used a butterfly cutter on ham to make the ears and a round cutter for the face; the trunks are just strips of ham. The eggs are nori punched witha a regular hole punch (kept just for food). The lion has a mane made from grated cheese and a large round cheese slice face and small circles for ears. The nose is a round of ham and the mouth is made from some ham scraps. Whiskers and eyes are nori again. 
† Any other comments or tips? 
There are some great sites on the net for ideas and thinking out of the box can make meals times more exciting, serve dinner in a muffin tin or on something other than a plate. Have fun with it and let your kid have fun too!

jojoebi also served this fresh cream and sponge lion cake for the safari-themed party!

To submit photos of cute food you found or made, click here. 


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