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† Name: Lyndsay Sung
† URL:  and
† How were you introduced to the art of “cute cooking”? 
I love cute and stylish stuff! I have always drawn ridiculously cute faces, little cats, animals, characters, clouds on everything. I try to make some majorly cute stuff happen when I bake/decorate/create. I get giddy when I frost a cupcake in an especially adorable color with a cute little accoutrement or dash of sprinkles. The cuteness just comes out in the decoration because that’s the kind of stuff I would like myself.
† What inspired your cute creation?
The mouse cupcakes were for a baby shower, with the French Mouse theme. My sister, who is a graphic designer, made a very cute party invite, and from there I was inspired to make the French mouse cupcakes. I love vintage children’s books and a certain vintage feel in all of my cupcakes, so I think the French Mouses came across that way!
† How did you make it? 
I have a cupcake business in Vancouver so I made my “Lemon Love” flavour cupcake, which is a fragrant and moist lemon cupcake with lemon creamcheese frosting. I have a tutorial on how to make an animal face cupcake on my flickr page, which I encourage people to visit! Basically I cut out fondant (sugar paste that is mold-able into shapes) with a circular cookie cutter, and I made all the accessories out of fondant too- grey circle ears (I used a mini circle cutter!), tails and orange and turquoise berets! I got these super awesome edible markers from a cake supply store, and I just free-styled each little mouse’s face on the fondant circles! Et voila! Little French mouse buddies in scrumptious lemon and creamcheese! You can make them with any flavour cupcake of course, and you can color your fondant to any color you wish to make, say, a Pink Mouse!

† Any other comments or tips? 
I only like to make vintage-look children’s cakes/cupcakes– sometimes when people ask me to make Disney or modern day cartoon stuff I have a hard time with it because I want to maintain my cute and vintagey look. So my favorite children’s cupcake is definitely the lion face, or the mouse face, or the cat or dog. If you want to find great ideas that have a similar aesthetic to mine, go to your local thrift store and find an old baking book– the piping techniques and colors are so awesome!!
Thank you very much for featuring me! Your blog is super awesome!

To submit photos of cute food you found or made, click here. 


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