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† Name: Alice
† URL: My blog and my flickr
† How were you introduced to the art of “cute cooking”? 
I’m a geek at heart and had seen some awesome video game inspired cakes online so I decided to give it a go myself. I was particularly inspired by some cupcakes made by hello_naomi.
† What inspired your cute creation?
They are based on the mushrooms in the Super Mario video game series. Power Up, 1-Up, Poison and Reverse.
† How did you make it? 
The cupcakes can be pretty much any recipe, I have made these with chocolate and vanilla though I think you could use your favourite recipe. The main thing is that the top is fairly flat or a little rounded, not too round. 
The icing was made using this recipe and this guide. I made a big batch of white then divided it up to make the different colours and just sort of made up the decoration part as I went along. It took a bit of trial and error. 
† Any other comments or tips? 
Enjoy. Alice xx

Alice made these Nintendo cupcakes as a house warming present for a friend. She even made the coasters – out of hama beans! 

I don’t think  I could eat just one. 

To submit photos of cute food you found or made, click here. 


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