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Adorable Japanese bento boxes, cooking cute.

I’m a tad OCD and neurotic (if the chronic blogging is any proof). At regular intervals, I’m swept away by a new frivolity; generally something Japanese, kawaii, Goth, or a combination thereof. La Carmina’s manie du jour is cooking cute: school lunches dressed up as adorable characters by Japanese mothers. Eee!

I’ve been scouring several bento blogs, but my favorite is Mari Miyazawa’s e-obento. The Osaka mother of two has been honing her skills since 2004 and has released several cookbooks in Japan. I love her trademark whimsy. Can you imagine opening up your lunchbox to find Frankenstein proudly waving two happy ghosts (quail egg/nori) and a not-so-pleased demon (cherry tomato/cheese) – all of whom are impaled in a most awkward location?

Japanese cute school lunches for kids, food arrangement techniques.

I’ve picked out Mari’s most Gothic creations for your visual titillation. Most mothers cut the crusts off a sandwich; this one turns the edge of bread into Dracula’s coffin!

Cute kawaii kitty cat bento boxes from Japan. Scottish fold Basil Farrow.

I’m always looking for excuses to post pictures of Basil Farrow – so here’s the world’s cutest Scottish Fold along with dishes that almost rival him in kitty kawaii. Can you can figure out the ingredients involved?



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  1. what did you use to make the legs on the kitty?

  2. Kawaii

  3. La carmina I love your blogs books and. Stuff you have shared now and in the past I am a huge fan of yours please keep posting blogs forever. And ever and always as long. As you can

  4. Love these ideas how cute

  5. I think I’m not going to eat that it’s very artistic to be a food.

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